“Vivir” is the representation of the human’s existence, carved by the experiences and experiences of Naike Ponce. A sincere and empathetic self-portrait that acts as a mirror and removes the viewer’s conscience without judgment.

With an overflowing maturity, the artist shreds the complexity of being and transmits what we have all felt at one time or another in our lives, through a universal and natural language in it, music. Fear, pride, shame, abandonment, attachment, love, heartbreak, loneliness, cravings for freedom, existential doubt, joy, euphoria, illusion … An endless and eternal range of masks of Ego that separates us all from the essential Being.

“Vivir” is a deep and emotional journey to the service of the senses, it is the mirror in which we all look at each other, the truth about which we deceive ourselves and from which we survive, escape, fight and face; it is the argument to which we cling, the one on which we walk and run; the path through which we transform and move forward, in which we suffer, enjoy and live.

A whirlwind of emotions, intertwined and differentiated by the delicious, exquisite and felt flamenco root.
Javier Patino, deep and virtuous musical creator, heads this trip surrounded by a cast endowed with great artistic and human value.

Naike captures without limits or barriers, a work of deep emotions, thoughts, instincts and stages experienced throughout the existence of the human being, showing transparently in his individuality, that WE ARE ALL EQUAL, WE ARE ALL EVERYTHING and THAT WE ARE ALL .