“El Árbol Con Alas”
Compañía Anabel Veloso

The popular legend says that of a holm oak wanted to be a woman, singing, playing and dancing from its roots to the sky. It is a fable of three women who form a tree, which feed on the root, but what they want is to develop, fly and sing.

The passage through different times of the day and through the seasons of the year gives way to the interpretation of a bulería, a horse, some joys, some tangos, and a babysitter.

The show is directed by Anabel Veloso. At the dance, Nuria Martínez, who is accompanied by the singing of Naike Ponce, the guitar of Gabriel Pérez and Trinidad Jiménez to the flutes and sound designs.

“We will no longer be”
Compañía Ángel Rojas

“We will no longer be” is a work born from the need of Ángel Rojas to delve into the concept of author creation in a clear line of contemporary flamenco, beyond barriers and stereotypes.

A creation that has been matured over the years, and whose axis is evolution as a vital destiny. What we must stop being to transform ourselves into something new and unknown.

Rojas brings together in this project a large creative team under his artistic direction, as well as a versatile cast, capable of entering abstract lands without losing the flamenco depth in a staging marked by the symbolism of the message.

A challenge that will lead the viewer to discover himself again in the roots of a shared feeling.

“Flamencos and mestizos”

“Flamencos and mestizos” is a cycle created to offer a window to the youngest or most innovative emerging proposals, which strive to be, in that great sack that is «Lo Flamenco».

Pure flamenco, of those who have collected the values ​​of tradition, and flamenco that shows itself to miscegenation, to the exchange of races and cultures of the time that we have had to live. Because today it is no longer necessary to be born in Jerez or in the Ports to feel flamenco. Flamenco, flamenco, has overflowed and flooded all kinds of cultures, expressions and locations. You can be flamenco from the sonic, from the character of a text, from the movement, from the melody and, of course, from the flame that lit others. Flamingos and mestizos, because all the expressions that move and move have a place in this encounter. In this installment, the dance of Lucía Álvarez “La Piñona”, the racial whine of “La Fabi”, the novel proposals of “Antonio Lizana” and “María Marín”, the bravery of “Naike Ponce & Package” and the sharp guitar of a woman, “Antonia Jiménez”. We celebrate that flamenco has broken all borders and is a World Heritage Site.