“Vivir” is the representation of the human’s existence, carved by the experiences and experiences of Naike Ponce. A sincere and empathetic self-portrait that acts as a mirror and removes the viewer’s conscience without judgment.

With an overflowing maturity, the artist shreds the complexity of being and transmits what we have all felt at one time or another in our lives, through a universal and natural language in it, music. Fear, pride, shame, abandonment, attachment, love, heartbreak, loneliness, cravings for freedom, existential doubt, joy, euphoria, illusion … An endless and eternal range of masks of Ego that separates us all from the essential Being.

Con nombre de mujer



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“Con nombre de mujer” is the new album by one of the main creators of the flamenco guitar of the last decades, and former component of ‘La Barbería del Sur’, Juan José Suárez ‘Paquete’; next to the Sanluqueña Naike Ponce, tireless and outstanding heiress of the cantaor character of La Sallago.

A work that represents the dialectical tension between purity and avant-garde.
Root music absorbing new sounds, an exquisite work that collects in the form of testimony ten songs supported by a woman’s name. The alliance between two great talents of the current flamenco scene, which serves as a pretext to start a disseminating tour of a clear tribute.

If you want to buy your signed copy of “Vivir” or “Con Nombre de Mujer”, you can send me an email to: naike.flamenco@yahoo.es

Price: 15 euro (shipping cost NOT included for shipments outside of Spain).

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